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Greece – so much history and culture packed into such a small country!!!

When one thinks of Greece, some of the first thoughts that come to mind are those of the ancient Greek Gods such as Athina, Apollo, Zeus and many more and of course the Parthenon temple based on the Acropolis Hill as well as the piercing hot sun overlooking exquisite beaches and clear blue waters and of course the endless nightlife!!!

 If one has been to Greece, this is a country which will be remembered until ones last breath of fresh air! The good times that have been spent in various parts of Greece either with family or with friends or friends made along the way! The clicking of wine glasses as friends toast one another for their health above all, as well as the good memories! The walks taken in Plaka, shopping for last minute souvenirs or the evening meals with a souvlaki and ouzo or the cool breeze of the various islands as one explores the graphic small streets and path ways. The various temples and museums that have been visited along each individuals stay either on the mainland or on the various islands.

Greece with its two seas, the Ionian Sea to the west and southwest of the mainland and the Aegean Sea to the east and southeast also claims home to over 4000 islands with only a small fraction being inhabited. Amongst these inhabited islands one can find geographic and cultural diversity. Some islands are outrageously steep and barren such as Ikaria in the Northern Aegean Islands whereas some islands drown in lush green vegetation with pine woodlands and olive groves such as Kerkyra in the Ionian Sea. Other islands are home to full scale romanticism, Santorini being at the top of ones list. And of course we have the cosmopolitan hotspots – Mykonos, Paros and many more who cater with their upscale restaurants, lavish hotels and their non stop nightlife!

What more can a person ask for from a single country …. endless culture dating back to millions of centuries ago as well as modern up to date full time entertainment all found at the southern most tip of Europe!!!


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