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December 15, 2008

ANMAT Services & DMC has been given the breath of life by Anna Mathes, based in Greece, and has just opened its doors to the world and ready to conquer the universe! Founded on years of experience, in the travel field, both in South Africa and in Greece and with extensive travel to various destinations this company is here to serve everyone’s travel needs to the last cent!

Of Greek origin Anna was born and raised in South Africa, has learned to have intolerable patience and understanding of the pressures in the travel industry worldwide as well as all the pitfalls that a traveler may encounter along the way!

This Destination Management Company is planning on specializing in international incentive groups, meetings, conferences’ as well as FIT’s for the individual traveler planning on exploring the world outside of Greece or all the exquisite Greek treasures that are waiting to be found.

All travel services including airline tickets as well as ferry tickets, organized tours and any other travel needs can be booked via e-mail

ANMAT Services & DMC are here to linger your taste buds on travel perfection, make your dreams a reality and provide a personal touch to each request be it a group booking or an individual reservation. No job is too great or too small for this dynamic group of people and will give it their utmost best to tailor-make that once in a life time trip!

Anna and her co-workers are ready to assist you with all your travel arrangements and guarantee you unforgettable success!