Santorini is one of many breathtaking, up-market islands of Greece and of course the most romantic! It is the only island though that has either been visited by thousands of people or even those that may have not had the opportunity to explore this unique island, they will have already seen it on millions of postcards that have been launched worldwide as well as on calendars and various tourist board posters. An island that many dream of when they combine holidays and romance and once seen is even more exquisite than one can imagine. Santorini’s classic white images epitomize the very essence of Greek island charm: white houses that sit on a volcano like vanilla icing on a chocolate cake! One can sit for hours admiring the view of the blue sea from dawn till dusk with a light summer cocktail and still find it hard to avert ones eyes elsewhere!

The shape of Santorini Island as we know it today is nothing compared to the circular island that it was around 3500 BC when a huge volcanic eruption sank the center of the island leaving only a vast crater. Subsequent explosions tore the western chunk of the crater – now known as the little island of Thirasia – from the main body of Santorini and over the last few centuries 2 volcanic peaks known as Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni have risen from the sea in the center of the circular bay.

Once in Santorini, one should set their sites high for accommodation on top of the Caldera in order to be able to take in the most exquisite and talked about views!

Fira, which is the islands capital, is lively and highly cosmopolitan especially during the August period when all local Athenians escape to Santorini along with all other worldwide travelers. As a result there are plenty of up market restaurants and exclusive shops to choose from. Santorini as small as it is has the most jewelers and goldsmiths in the country all concentrated in Fira but still keeps the charming and authentic Greek style.

When you can finally tear yourself away from the civilized settlements, there is plenty to explore. From Oia, at the one end of the island, which is found on steep cliffs to the road making its’ way to Perissa and Kamari where you can enjoy the long beaches with black volcanic sand and take in the rays of the sun whilst cooling off in the Aegean Sea for a refreshing swim. Due to the black stones, the sun heats up the sea and the water is crystal clear right down to the very last visible pebble. There is also the beautiful “Red Beach” that fully lives up to its name. Numerous museums that can be visited, in order to learn in-depth about the Minoan Civilization, that was wiped out due to the volcanic eruptions. After recent excavations at Akrotiri (at the one other end of the island) a whole Minoan Town was uncovered that was covered by ash and lava. Good wines are also produced as a result of the volcanic soil and local wine tasting is definitely a must! Pleasure cruises to the “old” and “new” volcanoes and even just casual strolls allowing yourself to get lost in little walkways of Fira are some of the few activities that one can indulge in during their stay in Santorini!!

For those looking for a little night time excitement, no need to worry! After a romantic dinner overlooking the Caldera view, one can make their way to the in hot spots of the summer season and dance the night away until dawn! At dawn a beautiful sunrise champagne breakfast can be enjoyed whilst taking in the breathtaking views!


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