This small and beautiful old fishing island which has been inhabited since the 5th millennium BC, is only 87 kilometers and has become one of Europes most cosmopolitan islands without loosing its unique fishing village ambiance, Cycladic features and of course it’s traditional look of small white houses and their blue shutters. Since the 1950’s Mykonos has always been the most popular island for tourists worldwide as well as locals alike in the Mediterranean.

According to classical mythology, the Giants killed by Hercules in a fierce battle, are buried on the island under imposing blocks of mykonian granite. The name “Mykonos”, somewhat pejoratively, means a mass of stones or a rocky place. A later tradition attributes the name of the island to a hero by the name of Mykonos, the son of the king of Delos, Anios, who was the son of Apollon and nymph Rhoio, a descendent of Dionysus.

When arriving in Mykonos town, either by sea or by air, one can see the beautiful cube shaped all white houses which glow in the sunlight, and is drawn into the hustle and bustle atmosphere of the local labyrinth cobbled alleyways winding around the small graphic houses where you have the housewives catching up on the gossip of the day, purchasing their fruits and vegetables from the local roaming grocer with his donkey as well as the men enjoying either a Greek coffee or Ouzo with some meze in various kafenia (old coffee shops where usually only men visited) where everyone knows everyone. A little further down the hill you can see the breathtaking windmills that have stood there for centuries surrounded by numerous church bell towers.

When in Mykonos, you can enjoy shopping in the various alleyways which house exquisite boutiques that have been modified from small day to day homes into small shops but still keeping the character of the island. Well know brands can be found in the town, known as Chora as well as local hand made products from clothing, jewellery and works of art designed by the most celebrated artists and designers. If shopping is not your thing then why not try out the superb crystal clear beaches where you can draw in as much sun as possible during the day. The most well known beaches are Platys Gialos, Paradise beach and of course Super Paradise beach were the party begins from early on in the day and continues until early hours of the evening. Locals and tourists alike can be transported by local wooden fishing boats known as caiques to the various beaches as well as doing some beach hopping.

When the sun finally goes down, Mykonos comes to life as no one can imagine! A light cocktail can be enjoyed along Little Venice before proceeding to some of the most famous upmarket restaurants or even trying out various taverns with their local dishes. From there on one can try out one of many local bars and local clubs with their famous international DJ’s and party until the early hours of the morning till your feet can no longer hold you up!!


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